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About Hermit Solutions

Founded in 2014, supported by a small team of IT programmers and developers, Hermit Solutions started serving various clients looking at enhancing their reaching out and services to their customers and stakeholders. Four years later, in 2018, Hermit Solutions was incorperated, still sticking true to our mission but with new and bigger visions.

During the early days of Hermit Solutions, our focus has always been working with our clients by harnessing web technologies in order to tap into new sources of value. Our drive is simple, to create solutions for our clients so that they will be able to execute successfully their digital transformation strategy which in turn will allow better business processes to be executed.

Our solid team come with various background, experienced with hands on, who’ve worked with the world’s leading brands and a mixture of young millennials who are constantly curious and looking forward to innovate the world for the next generation.

Experience a new age of intelligence

The working group at Hermit Solutions comprises of people with deep understanding in prototype development, engaging new media channels and emerging technology in system solutions, and much of our work has always been working with business process owners and innovators harnessing web technologies in order to tap new sources of value in information technology. Besides the core group, Hermit Solutions engages with subject matter experts from various discipline; telecommunication, material engineering, robotics, and AI, as our Technical Advisor.

Our Approach

Our team are led by:

  1. Agile development
  2. Rapid iteration
  3. Continuous improvement

Our Mission

“Simple way apart from others.”

Our Vision

Creating solutions that are:

  1. Customizable to suit challenging environment
  2. Integrated spectrum of information
  3. Data driven solutions
Hirman S.

Hirman S.


As one of the founder of Hermit Solutions back in 2014, Hirman has spent most of his professional career as an analyst serving various clients; locally and internationally. A coffee drinker who likes to get his hands busy with electronics as well as a behaviourist who likes spending time spending time observing conversation and will easily get excited talking about graphs and trend patterns. He holds MBA (Strategic Management & Islamic Finance) from UTM (2017), BA (Behavioural Science and International Relations) from University of Tasmania (2008) and DipEng Electrical (Electronic Power and Control) from POLIMAS (2001).

Abdullah Syahmi AF.

Abdullah Syahmi AF.


Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from UniKL (MFI) in 2020, Syahmi has a strong interest in the area of embedded system, robotics and automation. Participated in various robotic competitions, locally and internationally, currently he spents most of his time in desingning prototypes as well as looking into the developement of machine learning models for industrial application.

Serilisa S.

Serilisa S.

Finance and Corporate Office

Prior to joining Hermit Solutions, her career in human capital and talent development has brought her to various places around the world. With her experience in managing various events and projects in Singapore, Korea, Japan and Australia, currently she oversees the overall day-to-day operation of non-technical business processes in Hermit Solutions. She holds a Bachelor of Business Admin (HR) from UNITAR (2014).

Incorporated in 2018, Hermit Solutions is a technology based and data driven company.

Our solutions are not designed to stay forever, but it is designed to allow our clients to fully optimise their business processes and human capital.

Made in Malaysia.



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