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Question Bank Exam Generator &
File Storage System

QBEG is a Web Base & Remote Desktop that helps manage question and answer creation with deep integration of online examination. QBEG provide enterprise-grade Cloud performance for colleges and universities. It serves as a private cloud base system providing agility in the workplace. Lecturers or tutors have access to content & data information from anywhere, anytime, and no need to worry about the security of their data.

Features & Benefits

Multi-platform support

Works with Windows, Apple iOS, and Android.
Work through the browser Supports WebDAV connections.

Easy to use

Supports sharing and syncing data between devices.
Supports audio and video streams.
Set file sharing The folder can be either user account or user group.
Temporary files can be shared via the specified link.
Supports storage size incrementally.

More secure

Supports encryption with AES algorithm.
Supports authentication with AD / LDAP.
Store data inside the organization. Out of data leakage problems.
Allocate user space according to policy
Set policies and permissions based on organizational structure.

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